Restaurant Menu


1. Nachos with Mexican sauce

21 PLN

2. Home French Fries / Onion Rings

21 PLN

3. Snack plate with mango-chilli sauce

(Jalapeno pappers with cheese, mozzarella sticks and calamaris)

35 PLN

4. Cripsy chicken wings with french fries and BBQ sauce

35 PLN

5. Chicken strips with mayo-mustard sauce

35 PLN



1. Sweet potato with feta, pomegranate and honey-nut sauce on rucola

25 PLN

2. Taco with grilled vegetablesTwo taco shells with hummus, lettuce, papper, courgette, onion and couscous

29 PLN

3. Taco with pulled chicken on chef sauce
Two taco shells with dill sauce, vegetables, pulled chicken and couscous

33 PLN

4. Beef tartare with onion, pickled cucumber, champignons, dried tomatoes, egg yolk and bread

35 PLN

5. Shrimps on butter-wine with garlic, chilli, bread and chef sauce

39 PLN



1. Quesadilla with pulled chicken, cheese, roasted vegetables and aioli sauce

35 PLN

2. Cauliflower steak, baked potatoes, and salad mix (NEW)

35 PLN

3. Pasta with chicken, dried tomatoes, parmesan and cream sauce

37 PLN



1. Vege burger with vegetables, tofu, mozzarella sticks and French fries

37 PLN

2. Pulled chicken burger (200g), cheese, caramelized onion, and peanut butter, dill sauce and french fries

39 PLN

3. Beef burger (200g) with pickled beetroot, cheese, caramelized onions, and peanut butter and french fries

41 PLN

4. Beef burger (200g) with tomato, cheese, onions rings, chef’sauce and french fries

43 PLN

5. Steam Burger with beef, bacon, jalapeno peppers, caramelized onions with peanut butter, pickles

45 PLN



Ask us about allergens or tell us if you are allergic to smothing.

For groups over 3 people we add 10% service


Monday………..1700 – 0100

Tuesday……….1700 – 0100

Wednesday…..1700 – 0100

Thursday…….. 1700 – 0100

Friday………….. 1700 – 0300

Saturday……….1700 – 0300

Sunday…………1700 – 0100

Nowogrodzka 23
Warsaw, Poland