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Turn the clock into our cocktail time zone!

13:00 Espresso Steamini

vodka / cassis / pedro ximenez / espresso

Energizing with sweet citrus notes. Cocktail that will move hands of your clock in a full swing! #letTheDayBegin

26 PLN

14:00 American Breakfast

corn whiskey / strawberry / lactose

Strong with sweetnes of strawberries. Everybody needs a second breakfast. #everybodyNeedsBreakFast

26 PLN

15:00 Rummelo

rum / pomelo / angostura / soda

Delicate with citrus refreshment. “P” and “R” stand next to each other in the alphabet just like in this cocktail. At 3 o’clock we can think about the end of the working day.

26 PLN

16:00 Gentle Sour

whiskey / suze / yuzu / lemon curd

Sour with suprising notes. Whisky is considered a medicine just like our unconventional ingredient. No waste. At 4 o’clock it’s time to think about yourself.

28 PLN

17:00 Gin Teanic

gin / tonic / tea

Herbal, fruity and bitter. Classic drink in unusual form is what defines our “five o’clock”. #HourOfTheGents

26 PLN

18:00 Copper Negroni

gin / vermouth / campari / copper

Strong, bittersweet with notes of orange. 6 o’clock is a perfect time for an aperitive like this. #RomanticItalianHour

32 PLN

19:00 Fat Boulevardier

rye whiskey / vermouth / campari / white chocolate

Deep with suprising notes of chocolate. What could be better than classic cocktail with hints of white chocolate? 7 o’clock is a time to consider a little sin because the youngest ones are about to go to sleep. #DinnerDate

28 PLN

20:00 Grosshopper

vodka / menthol / cocoa / cream / blue cheese

Creamy, refreshing and slightly menthol. 8 oclock is our time for a little dessert.  #CheeseAndCreamForLateDinner

26 PLN

21:00 Gimlette

gin / riesling / lime / chamomile

Delicate with Herbal and minerał notes. We reach for polish roots and mix them in the International form. 9 o’clock and we are about to hit the point of the night. #FirstCocktailOfTheNight

26 PLN

22:00 Mex

tequila / beer / vermouth / lemon

Citrus with a little touch of magic from the kitchen. Why would you drink tequila neat when you can enjoy a nice cocktail? At 10 o’clock it’s time to get the party started. #NextRound

32 PLN

23:00 Porn Idol

vodka / kombucha / vanilla / passionfruit

Sweet & sour with sparkling healthy kick of refreshment. Each star has got to take care of its health, and the one mentioned in the title as well! At 11 o’clock we should not stop ourselves anymore. #PornStarsWorksLateNights

26 PLN

24:00 French 23

gin / rose / wine / absinthe / bubbles

Sparkling with a little hint of rose sweetness. What else is better for celebrating than bubbles? Midnight is the time for celebration! #CelebrationHour

26 PLN

Summer Card


Aged Rum / Campari / Pineapple Soda

Bittersweet cocktail that will take you to the tropical paradise.

29 PLN

Aperol Spritz 2.0

Rum / Aperol / Prosecco

New form of famous Aperol Spritz with a hint of rum sweetness.

31 PLN

Fresh Mule

Malibu / Cucumber / Ginger Beer

Coconut with ginger and fresh cucumber, trust us – this combination works very well and delivers a nice dose of coolness.

28 PLN

Rose Collins

Vodka / Rose / Sparkling Water

Delicate rose refreshment with bracing bubbles.

28 PLN


Bourbon / Chambord / Vermouth Mix /
Cigar Smoke

Heavier drink, best for colder summer nights. Sweet blackberries and cuban smoke from cigar to adjust the classic Manhattan.

32 PLN

Breakfast Martini

Gin / Cointreau / Citrus Marmalade

Juniper and orange, citrusy and bittersweet with social responsibility in mind. (ask the staff what we mean about this)

30 PLN


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